How does TEMASOFT Ranstop interact with other software?

TEMASOFT Ranstop uses a Kernel-mode driver to operate and works with the file system at a low level. Although during our tests we have not observed any kind of undesired interactions between TEMASOFT Ranstop and anti-virus and backup software, conflicts accessing files may occur in the future. In case they do, please contact TEMASOFT Support. We recommend the use of TEMASOFT Ranstop in conjunction with anti-virus solutions to maximize the protection against ransomware.

TEMASOFT Ranstop also provides support to whitelist applications. We recommend that any anti-virus solution running on the same machine, is whitelisted in TEMASOFT Ranstop. Also, TEMASOFT Ranstop should be whitelisted in any anti-virus solution to avoid conflicts.

The whitelisting functionality can be used to prevent false positives. Simply whitelist the process performing file activity perceived as dangerous by TEMASOF Ranstop, and no further incidents will be recorded for that particular process.

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