Cerber ransomware

New variant of Petya ransomware attacks computers worldwide

Less than two months ago, WannaCry made the headlines as the most destructive malware in the history. This time the world faces a new virus which uses the functionality of Petya ransomware: Petrwrap. It has already hit many companies and institutions from different countries including Merck, Rosneft, Maersk, Mondelez, causing severe operational disruptions. How Petrwrap […]

Ranstop protects against Sorebrect fileless ransomware – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Sorebrect case subject – fileless ransomware This variant arrives as a text file with a name that tricks the users into opening it either downloaded from malicious websites or installed by other malware. It injects malicious code in the Service Host process (svchost.exe) to avoid antivirus detection and application control. The actual encryption is done from […]

How to detect data breaches

Most people do not know where all their important files are, and this makes detecting data breaches tad difficult. To fully understand where data is, companies use data indexing solutions, but these are expensive and come with a significant IT overhead. There are, however, simpler ways to get just enough insight into where important files […]

How to protect against ransomware

Ransomware is an important phenomenon nowadays and dealing with it is a top concern of IT admins. This type of malware is capable of incurring enormous costs on businesses that rely on IT to carry out everyday activities so enterprise ransomware protection became a hot topic in IT communities. From our experience, simple measures and […]

How to recover from ransomware attacks

This article provides information on what to do when attacked by ransomware, depending on how important the files are and your skills when using computers. Everyone should have the important files backed up on a regular basis. This ensures that you do not lose it all in case your computer is compromised or if ransomware […]

Ranstop offers protection against ransomware embedded in PDF files – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Case subject – A new PDF based ransomware This new variant arrives as a PDF file that contains Javascript blocks and at least one embedded document. When the PDF is viewed, it opens the embedded Microsoft Word document. The embedded document contains a macro that downloads and executes the ransomware payload. The PDF file is […]

Ranstop stops zero-day Jaff variant – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Case subject – A zero-day Jaff (WLU extension) Jaff ransomware has seen some updates lately and we selected the newest variant for today’s exercise. At the time of the recording, the detection rate on virustotal is 18/60. Jaff is distributed through email SPAM campaigns that trick users into opening malicious attachments. A common example is the claim […]