Ranstop blocks Troldesh-Shade ransomware

Test subject – Troldesh/Shade ransomware This is a 0-day variant of Troldesh/Shade ransomware. The ransomware family has a five-year history and has seen many improvements since the first version. It’s typically distributed via email campaigns, weaponizing office documents, using social engineering to manipulate users. The cybercriminals use WordPress/Drupal/Joomla based websites to host their payload, hacking […]

Ranstop blocks CryCipher ransomware

Test subject – CryCipher ransomware CryCipher is among of the first ransomware discovered at the beginning of this new year. There’s no indication, as of yet, if the ransomware is related/part of with any existing ransomware families. CryCipher ransomware test facts It’s also been a while since we saw this type of ransomware. CryCipher, upon […]