TEMASOFT Ranstop in Reviews

TEMASOFT Ranstop is a successful combination of anti-ransomware and smart, real-time backup technologies, with a unique approach to combating the ransomware threats. While the detection capabilities, based on file access patterns and in-memory correlations, provide protection against old and new threats, the backup engine acts like a safe net, making sure that the files are […]

A glimpse on how we test Ranstop (the human approach)

Temasoft Labs is a particular mixture between humans and machines, very similar to a microbiology laboratory. They both do the same thing, search and analyze disease-causing microorganisms because this is the first step in fighting this particular type of infectious agent: ransomware. Just like their biological counterparts, ransomware attacks IT infrastructure of any kind and […]

The New Security Features in Windows Creators Update and Their Impact on Ransomware Protection

There are multiple resources online that discuss the new features in the Windows Creators Update to various degrees of detail. Some of them focus on the security piece, a significant update from the previous version. We are going to focus on how the new security features help combat ransomware, one of the goals of our […]

TEMASOFT Ranstop Efficiently Protects Computers Against Ransomware by Combining a High-Accuracy Detection Engine with Versatile File Recovery Technology

CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA, April 04, 2017 TEMASOFT announces the release of TEMASOFT Ranstop, anti-ransomware software for companies that combines ransomware detection and blocking with file recovery, in a single solution. TEMASOFT Ranstop uses behavior analysis to detect and block current and future ransomware and also features a secure, real-time backup engine that protects valuable files so […]