Ranstop stops zero-day, script-based Spora variant – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Case subject – A zero-day Spora variant packed as a command line script Today’s test uses a zero-day variant of Spora, disguised as a command line script. The file is distributed via email campaigns and, on execution, starts Microsoft Word and launches a background process that performs the actual encryption. At the time of the […]

Ranstop anti-ransomware stops WannaCryptor v2 – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Case subject: WannaCryptor(WannaCry) v2 – (Virustotal details) Following up on the massive WannaCrypt attack, we have tested TEMASOFT Ranstop against several variants and recorded the test against the newest version- WannaCryptor v2. This version still spreads via email campaigns and combines the ransomware payload with worm spreading capabilities, but it uses a different command and […]

Wanna Cry ransomware reveals the limits of the current security systems

The world is in shock after the most damaging ransomware attack in history, and many people ask how this is possible and what’s next. How the attack was possible and who is affected At TEMASOFT we’ve investigated the attack, and the results show the ransomware itself is not very different from typical ransomware if we look […]

What is ransomware, and why is it so damaging for businesses?

Ransomware is a type of malware that aims to extort money from companies by disrupting their activities. The most widespread type of ransomware targets data and renders information or computer systems unusable until a ransom is paid. When business-critical information gets locked up, most businesses seriously consider paying ransoms to recover it. In many cases, however, paying […]

28 Years of Cyber Extortion: From Floppy Disk to Cloud

Cyber extortion has been around for nearly three decades, and the general feeling you get when reading the news nowadays is that the world is not yet prepared to deal with it. Although sustained efforts have been made to combat ransomware, the primary tool for cyber extortion, many businesses and institutions still fall victim to […]