Ranstop anti-ransomware stops WannaCryptor v2 – TEMASOFT Lab Demo

Case subject: WannaCryptor(WannaCry) v2 – (Virustotal details)

Following up on the massive WannaCrypt attack, we have tested TEMASOFT Ranstop against several variants and recorded the test against the newest version- WannaCryptor v2.
This version still spreads via email campaigns and combines the ransomware payload with worm spreading capabilities, but it uses a different command and control server (domain), to avoid the security measures implemented to defend against the first variant.

Case facts

TEMASOFT Ranstop blocks WannaCryptor v2 in a few seconds. During this time, the ransomware encrypts a few tens of files. It starts by encrypting my documents and the desktop as soon as possible, and then continues with other locations but at a much slower pace. During our test, TEMASOFT successfully stopped, quarantined and cleaned up the infection while automatically recovering the files.

Click here to watch TEMASOFT Ranstop in action (video)!

About TEMASOFT Ranstop

TEMASOFT Ranstop is an anti-ransomware software that detects present and future ransomware, based on file access pattern analysis with a high degree of accuracy. At the same time, it protects user files so that they can be restored in case of malware attacks or accidental loss.

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