How to monitor Skype file sharing from corporate endpoints

Skype is a popular communication platform, so companies who are concerned with data security, compliance and assessing the risk of data leakage, look for solutions that enable control and visibility into the Skype file sharing service. Knowing who shares files and which files are being shared, helps to understand the risk of data leakage and […]

Five ways in which TEMASOFT FileMonitor can help healthcare organizations

Monitoring and analyzing how files are being accessed, how they change, and how they move around the IT environment brings many benefits for healthcare organizations looking to meet HIPAA compliance and mitigate the ransomware threats. Comply with HIPAA IT auditing requirements HIPAA requires activity monitoring and access auditing for informational systems (defined as hardware, software, […]

How to Monitor Google Drive Uploads from Corporate Endpoints

Insider theft and misuse are a major area of concern when it comes to protecting information and complying with security standards and legal requirements. Cloud-based file storage services are very popular especially for consumers who use them to store their personal files. In many cases, employees use cloud synchronization services at work as well. This […]

European data privacy regulation – what makes “personal data”?

Background In Europe, the first data privacy considerations were brought to the European Council’s attention in 1980 as “The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development” issued recommendations in this respect. In the document “Recommendations of the Council Concerning Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy and Trans-Border Flows of Personal Data” OECD released seven principles governing […]