TEMASOFT appoints Oveja Negra as distributor for Latin America


TEMASOFT helps businesses detect data breaches and achieve compliance with various data protection regulations

October 17, 2016 – Santiago, Chile

TEMASOFT announced the availability of TEMASOFT FileMonitor, an essential tool for data security and compliance, featuring a new and innovative technology that assists companies in their efforts to gain insight into how their data is being used, identify possible data leakage, data misuse, and movement of information in and outside of their organizations.

TEMASOFT FileMonitor can audit advanced file operations such as file copy, file rename and file archived, as well as impersonated access to files – important actions that are usually part of incidents leading to data loss. Also, this technology can be used to tag information in real time, track files across the network based on persistent tags and provide information on files being uploaded by browsers, attached to an email or chat clients or copied to cloud-sync folders. These features make TEMASOFT FileMonitor a vital tool for IT admins and managers who need to assess the risk of data loss and implement data management and protection policies. In this respect, TEMASOFT FileMonitor extends the capabilities of SIEM solutions by delivering integrated, accurate and reliable information about how data is being accessed, for security and compliance reporting.

TEMASOFT FileMonitor implements real-time file integrity monitoring providing more accurate and actionable information about the integrity of critical systems and services, plugging the gap in true file monitoring and integrity, which is integral to compliance needs such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, etc. In this respect,

TEMASOFT also announced today the appointment of Oveja Negra as distributor for Latin America.  General Manager of Oveja Negra, Evelyn Peralta said, “With proud we announce we added TEMASOFT FileMonitor to our portfolio of products, giving to our channels in Latin America the best solution for data and documents protection.”

CEO of TEMASOFT, Lucian Mocanasu, said “We are delighted to deliver our valuable technology to customers in Latin America and help them gain visibility into where their information is, and how it is being used, to improve de manageability and security of their data. We are very happy to have Oveja Negra as our main partner in the region, and are looking forward to providing value and customer satisfaction together.”

About Oveja Negra

Oveja Negra is a dynamic company specialized in distributing security solutions to Latin America, focused on working closely with customers and partners to support them and contribute to their growth.



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