New version of TEMASOFT FileMonitor adds ransomware detection and sensitive file tracking


TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2017 cuts ransomware detection time down to seconds, enables control over file copy operations and tracks sensitive files across the network

Cluj, Romania – the 24th of October – TEMASOFT announces the upcoming release of TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2017, which represents a significant step forward in file security and data protection. The new version extends file monitoring to address critical security issues like ransomware and data exfiltration while enabling control over file copy operations and bringing more visibility into file permissions and sensitive file movement.

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– The new and improved version of TEMASOFT FileMonitor uses advanced file access analysis to accurately detect present and future ransomware activity within seconds, enabling IT admins to react to such incidents automatically, and substantially reducing the risk of significant damage to their files;
– At the same time, the new version tracks the movement of files originating in configured sensitive folders across the network, following up on any subsequent operation or attempt to conceal the importance of the files, thus bringing unparalleled visibility into what happens to important files in a company;
– With this release, TEMASOFT enables control over file copy operations, allowing IT admins to allow read, but block file copy operations from sensitive folders. Controlling file copy has been an issue for most IT admins, as authorization mechanisms only allow file read permissions to be assigned, making it impossible to allow reading but prevent copying.
– Further visibility is delivered into file permissions with enhanced security change detection listing details on the permissions being changed, and into file uploads via browsers through identification and listing of the destination URL.

“We are excited to deliver new security and control capabilities to our customer base and assume a leading role in fighting ransomware and data exfiltration through advanced file monitoring technology. This release is a major step forward from simple auditing to active control and reactive detection, delivering added value and an extra security layer for our customers ” said Lucian Mocanasu, TEMASOFT CEO.


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