Ranstop blocks ransomware and restores files

Using behavior analysis, TEMASOFT Ranstop blocks most of the current and future ransomware. If anything slips through, it allows recovery of the compromised files without paying ransom. CLUJ NAPOCA, Romania – Jan. 27, 2017 – TEMASOFT announces the Beta release of TEMASOFT Ranstop, a new, innovative product that delivers anti-ransomware technology. TEMASOFT Ranstop uses a behavior analysis engine that can […]

New ransomware attacks databases instead of files in large scale attack

Up until recently, ransomware was targeting document and image files, as they usually hold information that is needed by the victims. Most ransomware families had hard-coded detection of such files for the purpose of rendering them unusable.  Some ransomware families rely on volume encryption and would encrypt everything, after first having disabled the operating system […]

New ransomware distribution model: Infect two “friends”, unlock your files for free

In our previous blogs, we have looked at ways through which ransomware moves from being malware used by cyber criminals to extort money from victims to becoming a service that can be rented by anybody who wants to launch such attacks (read more here). This evolution allows ransomware service providers increase their revenues with least effort by […]

Should open source ransomware be banned?

Ransomware has been a growing concern since the last couple of years as the rate and cost of the related incidents saw major increases year over year. In response, NGOs, journalists, and security vendors started to educate the public in this respect. Various security companies invest effort and time in building solutions that would help […]