TEMASOFT Ranstop in Reviews

TEMASOFT Ranstop is a successful combination of anti-ransomware and smart, real-time backup technologies, with a unique approach to combating the ransomware threats. While the detection capabilities, based on file access patterns and in-memory correlations, provide protection against old and new threats, the backup engine acts like a safe net, making sure that the files are protected in all cases. Independent reviewers find this approach very effective and recognize the viability of the solution and the ease of use.

Softpedia, the popular software download repository has considered TEMASOFT Ranstop this spring. The reviewer appreciated the ease of use and the detection and recovery features. Here is the conclusion:

“Combining both smart anti-ransomware and file-recovery technologies, TEMASOFT Ranstop is an interesting security application that takes on the challenge of protecting your data against ransomware attacks.”

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The team at AccurateReviews evaluated our anti-ransomware technology – TEMASOFT Ranstop. The team appreciates the ease of use and the feature set as well as overall stability and functionality of the product. First paragraphs:

“Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats you can stumble on. We are talking about that kind of viruses able to block and encrypt all your files and then ask for ransom (in bitcoin or real money) to give you back your system unlocked. Don’t take for granted you’ll receive your files back in return for your money: sometimes it just doesn’t happen.
If you run a business or all your working life is saved on files, you need to backup every day and choose a right anti ransomware solution. Ranstop by Temasoft intends to be the reliable and efficient anti-ransomware solution you can take advantage of. It even includes a real-time backup of your important files in safe storage.”

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TrishTech.com, a computer technology website also evaluated TEMASOFT Ranstop. The reviewers were impressed with the detection capabilities of Ranstop.

“Ranstop is an anti-ransomware solution that provides complete all around protection from all kinds of ransomware. It employs behavior analysis technology to thwart the attempts of even the newest zero-day ransomware. It provides full backup of your files with versioning so that you can always recover your files even in the event of corruption caused by ransomware.”

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Ultimately, the best way of reviewing technology is to try it out yourself. Such an approach provides information on the value of the product in your own environment, and how it responds to your actual needs. Because of that, TEMASFOT Ranstop is available as a free trial and we encourage you to download and try it out.

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