New TEMASOFT Ranstop is a proper response to the unprecedented ransomware breakouts

Latest ransomware threats and trends call for immediate action to protect businesses against downtime and data loss. Anti-ransomware technology is the no.1 choice to mitigate the ransomware risk.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, November 15, 2017

TEMASOFT announces the release of TEMASOFT Ranstop 2018 anti-ransomware software, in response to the unprecedented ransomware breakouts in 2017, including the large-scale attacks by Wanna Cry and NotPetya as well as new, more aggressive and intelligent strains of Locky, Crysis and Cerber.

The new and improved anti-ransomware technology offers end-to-end ransomware protection for businesses against known and unknown ransomware variants by delivering three benefits:

  • Ransomware detection and isolation;
  • File protection and recovery;
  • Ability to recover files in case of successful ransomware incidents.

TEMASOFT Ranstop 2018 leverages its innovative technology to extend Windows desktop ransomware protection to cover for Windows servers as well. Starting with this version, TEMASOFT Ranstop protects Windows servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer.

At the same time, the new release features automatic updates and optimized operations to deliver streamlined high-end protection to businesses, without impacting servers, workstations, and employees.

As the latest ransomware predictions warn about 2018 as a new and important step forward in ransomware development, with a significant increase in the number of attacks by new, more resilient and more devastating ransomware variants, businesses must be prepared to avoid the dire consequences of such incidents. TEMASOFT Ranstop 2018 plays a major role in helping businesses mitigate and counter the ransomware threats of 2018.

“Ransomware has shown incredible development over the last couple of years in terms of technology, ability to evade detection and damage potential. 2017 also reveals a frightening shift towards large scale, massive attacks that involve unprecedented techniques for lateral distribution, such as system and application vulnerabilities. In 2018 we are likely to see a significant increase in the number and sophistication of the attacks, but also the introduction of other malicious activities, such as data theft, as a side function of ransomware. In this context, businesses must protect servers and workstations to ensure business continuity and prevent incidents that may highly affect their image and revenues” said Lucian Mocanasu, CEO TEMASOFT.

TEMASOFT Ranstop 2018 is available for download at


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