Ranstop blocks Minotaur ransomware

Test subject – Minotaur ransomware

A classic ransomware, Minotaur made its appearance just last week, currently being distributed using email campaigns and several fake or modified office files. It’s a simple ransomware and not particularly effective, missing a few files and folders in our test. Nevertheless, it can do quite a damage, destroying the files it touches.

Minotaur ransomware test facts

The executable will not create any other child processes once executed, instead, it will immediately start encrypting, appending the “lock” extension to the original files. It’s also one of the fast encrypting malwares, so by the time you realize your files are gone, it may be too late for any other actions. Once done, it drops a very simple and short ransom note, containing the ransom amount and contact email. The cybercriminals demand 0.125 BTC (roughly $800) to decrypt your files.

We are not aware of any freely available decrypting tools to recover the files affected by Minotaur. Contacting the malware developers is not recommended either, as it can later affect you or other assets even more.

Minotaur ransomware test results

TEMASOFT Ranstop detects Minotaur ransomware easily once it starts encrypting files. Upon detection, the user is alerted, and the ransomware process is blocked and quarantined. The affected files are automatically restored so that the user doesn’t lose her important documents.

Click here to watch TEMASOFT Ranstop blocking Minotaur ransomware (video)!

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About TEMASOFT Ranstop

TEMASOFT Ranstop is an anti-ransomware software that detects present and future ransomware, based on file access pattern analysis with a high degree of accuracy. At the same time, it protects user files so that they can be restored in case of malware attacks or accidental loss.

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