TEMASOFT Ranstop 2018 Beta Now Available!

TEMASOFT is proud to announce the availability of the public BETA release of Ranstop 2018. The new version features support for server operating systems, starting with Windows Server 2008 R2, a faster and more reliable real-time backup engine and various other optimizations and fixes. This release delivers protection for the most valuable assets in a company and provides a critical security layer that decisively contributes to ensuring business continuity and data availability. The improved real-time backup functionality offers the required performance for running on busy server machines and does not affect the servers’ ability to perform their planned roles.

We are very excited about this significant release and are looking forward to having a major contribution to ransomware protection worldwide. We invite our partners and customers to try out this version and share their feedback!

For more details regarding this beta release, please check out the release notes.
Download the installer of this beta release here!
Please do not forget to send us feedback!