Automatic ransomware detection available soon in TEMASOFT FileMonitor

Ransomware is already pandemic and there isn’t a cure yet. Why? Mainly because ransomware attacks are relatively easy to devise (can run in a valid application, even as a script) and the traditional anti-virus applications are bypassed completely as they look at different areas that can indicate or be subject of malware attacks. A good […]

How File Monitoring Can Detect Data Incidents as They Happen

Breaches are an extremely common occurrence for companies, especially if they are large businesses.  Even though not all data breaches are cyber-attacks, valuable data is exposed to outsiders or lost in all cases. An example of a data incident is an employee copying data to their personal device, violating the company policies. Sending documents by […]

Auditing access to cardholder data for PCI DSS compliance

Using specialized audit records for file access monitoring Companies need to track how cardholder information is being accessed and used, in order to be able to protect it and prevent data breaches that may expose it. An important part of the PCI DSS compliance process relies on policies, procedures and solutions that enable companies to […]

How to solve the challenges of auditing access to data

Auditing access to data has been an important concern for companies that need to protect intellectual property and security-sensitive information. This concern became even more important during the last decade, with the increase in cybercrime, driving an array of regulations, security frameworks and associated standards that enforce this need, and establish penalties for lack of […]

Auditing complex file operations for compliance

Answering today’s compliance challenges through advanced file monitoring technology Data protection regulations and security standards are of paramount importance because losing security-sensitive data in an electronic environment is as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than losing an ID card or a credit card on a sidewalk. When data breaches occur, there are usually multiple records […]

Going beyond basic file auditing for data protection

Making the difference between read to output, and read to copy MOST OF THE IMPORTANT DATA LOSS VECTORS DEPEND ON COPYING files in order to compromise security-sensitive data. However, detecting and investigating such incidents usually relies on object access logs or file monitoring solutions that only monitor basic file operations, such as read and write. […]

TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016 helps businesses detect data breaches and achieve compliance with various data protection regulations

April 5th, 2016 – Adelaide, Australia TEMASOFT announced the availability of the new version of TEMASOFT FileMonitor, a new and innovative solution that assists companies in their efforts to identify possible data leakage, data misuse, and movement of information in and outside of their organizations. TEMASOFT FileMonitor is able to audit advanced file operations such as […]

TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016 released!

The new version of TEMASOFT FileMonitor features auditing of advanced file operations such as copy, rename, archive, upload by browser or attach to email. The new, unique technology delivers unprecedented accuracy in auditing access to files for data security and compliance purposes. At the same time, this version is a great companion for SIEM solutions as […]

TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016 to be released on 24 March 2016

We are very close to the first release of TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016. As we are making the final preparations for the release date, you can still use the BETA kit to have a look at the main features, which will be included in the first public release.

TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016 BETA now available!

The TEMASOFT FileMonitor development team is proud to announce an important milestone, that is the availability of the TEMASOFT FileMonitor 2016 BETA. This is the last milestone before the first public release of the product and everybody is welcome to try this build to make an idea how the application works. Click here to download […]