Ransomware detection – Targeted vs. random attacks

When it comes to ransomware detection, targeted ransomware attacks are very difficult to identify through classic anti-virus technology. Although such attacks are less frequent than their random, mass, counterparts, they are far more devastating and expensive mainly because they have a higher chance of succeeding in encrypting the files. Read about some important differences between targeted and random attacks in our ransomware protection article.


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2 replies
  1. Edd23
    Edd23 says:

    Interesting post, thank you.
    To summarize, large companies should worry about targeted attacks, and not smaller companies, who cannot afford to pay big $$$ as ransom. Is this assumption correct?

    • Calin Ghibu
      Calin Ghibu says:

      Hi Edd,
      Not necessarily. Cyber-criminals will go for high IT reliance and companies where files are critical for business continuity. If these companies are smaller, they will adjust their ransom claims to fit a budget that the attackers believe affordable.
      And then, we should not forget about zero-day mass ransomware attacks which are at least similarly effective in terms of damage. Indeed, the ransom claims may be significantly smaller, but the total cost of the incident may be harsh, as it includes costs with downtime, data recovering, reporting (if the case), reputation, etc.

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